Astute businessman, fashion icon, the neighborhood Foreign Star. Growing up in Stude Wood on the north side of Houston, Texas without a father figure, Foreign, or Mike Mike as the streets would call him, was exposed to a life of crime and struggle at a very early age. Raised around convicts, killers, and drug dealers he was destined for failure. Introduced to the dope game in his early teens, he turned to the streets of Stude Wood selling crack cocaine for fast cash. In his later teen years, after one of many evictions due to his mother’s lack of income, he was introduced to a life of gang activities in Acres Homes where he found comfort in the active gang. He gained friends as well as enemies, and among his many friends very few he trusted and could call family. In the summer of 2007 Foreign was approached by a relative with an opportunity of a life time. Going by the name Alumni at the time, Foreign received his first record deal at the age of eighteen with Ambassador Way Entertainment. Being exposed to a fast and addictive lifestyle at such a young age really took a toll on him, and Foreign resigned from Ambassador Way Entertainment two years later in order to deal with his personal issues.


After getting into trouble he decided to skip states and moved without family and friends to Boston, Massachusetts. The move brought on many challenges for Foreign, including sleeping in his car under inches of snow, but after connecting with some Boston locals he grew accustomed to his surroundings and surviving became second nature. As time passed by Foreign became more self-confident and after having an epiphany he knew what he had to do. He decided to move back to Houston with plans of investing in his musical career. A month before his arrival to Texas he received a call from his youngest brother informing him of the death of his brother and best friend Arister "Clicc Clacc" Brooks. The bad news ruined a lot of plans for Foreign, as Clicc Clacc was supposed to be a partner in his musical career.

Back in Texas, depressed due to the passing of his brother, Foreign began to give up on life until he realized he and Clicc Clacc had unfinished business. Determined to carry out his deceased brother’s dreams for riches he started a power circle of his own including an artist by the name of iRome and J-Will, a producer. Foreign moved on to work the Hollywood scene Executive Producing his first short film music video titled Fast and Furious Flow starring Neil Brown Jr known for his blockbuster role in the film Straight Out of Compton and Noel G known from movies such as Training Day, Fast and Furious, Furious 7, Bruce Almighty and The Purge. Foreign had been reborn with one objective on his mind; to be successful by ANY MEANS NECESSARY!